Unhealthy Marketing = Good Business

Is Internet Marketing Bad For Your Health? one of the best things I ever did for my internet business was visit a marketing event. it was run by Robert Puddy, who's doing another one in the US in Oct (LFMpires Workshop US), and it made a massive difference to my online business! I admit, I wasn't looking forward to going and having to do all that "networking" stuff, mostly because that always sounds to me like standing [...]

Affiliate Payload Bonus Offers

Alex Goad released his new Affiliate Payload report today, you can find out what I think of it in my full review here: - Affiliate Payload Review There haven't been as many bonuses on offer form other marketers as I'd expected, but I did spot four worth listing, so I thought I'd list them here as usual, along with my own of course. :)  ~##~ I'm going to list mine first, but there are 3 other bonuses [...]