Sometimes insisting on testing a product out myself before telling my subscribers about it can potentially cost me sales, today is a good example, although I have to admit it’s my own fault.

A new store building system was launched a few hours ago and I knew about it far enough in advance to have been able to test it out before now, but due to my own dissorganized and hectic schedule, and perhaps spending a little too much time in Warcraft, I didn’t get around to trying it out myself before today.

So potentially I’m could miss out on some sales simply because other marketers are already letting their lists know about it, and I won’t until I’ve tried it.

I figure that if I can’t get it working for me, then I can’t promote it…

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this post rather than getting on with testing it, well I’m waiting for the nameservers to resolve for the site I’m going to test it out on, I did say I hadn’tplanned ahead on this one!

It certainly looks like a cool store building system that can easily be added to an existing website or blog to help monetize the site, or even to build complete dedicated webstore sites.

If you want to see the results, once the sites done, keep an eye on

or if you don’t to wait for my opinion on the system, you can check it out for yourself here:

Website Stores