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Get your keyword research done for you…

well, it’s been a while, 3 years in fact, but I’ve finally got my NicheReaper v2 ready to let lose on the world…

I released this hands free keyword discovery system back in May 2011 and we sold out all 1,000 spots in just 7 days!

This time I’m letting a few more people in, and and a lower price, for quick movers…

What does it do?

It takes all the hard work and guess work out of keyword research!

check this example video: –

NicheReaper finds new, trending keywords from a bunch of diffeent sources, then it makes sure that each keyword has over 1,000 monthly searches AND a CPC value of over $0.25, and only then will it consider the keyword to be valuable enough to do all the research and pull all the data on.

It pulls in over 5,000 fresh keywords in to teh database for you every single day…

Internet Marketers Philippines Disaster Fund

imuniteRight now there’s a large group of people who need our help.

Back in November the Philippines was devastated by Typhoon  Haiyan, known locally in the Islands as Typhoon Yolanda.

I won’t get into all the heart-wrenching details.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty on TV about it, and read even more online…

Instead let me just hit you with a number…


That’s how many Filipinos are now homeless due to the devastation…


To put that in a little perspective, just imagine the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island, a pretty nice chunk of New England…

*or if you’re from the UK, that’s more than the whole population of Wales!

Out on the streets.

Imagine if that was you.

Thankfully, there’s something you can do to help. It only needs to be a small gesture, but it can go a long way, and it’s something that you will want anyway…

Click here to see:

Creating Video Tutorial Courses as Digital information Products

stephenlucaka “Making Money From Teaching”…

I sell a bunch of different types of products online, but I find time & time again that my most popular are training videos, and they’re actually the simplest to do, once you know how…

Stephen Luc is another guy who makes a lot of video training courses, it’s what he focuses on and he’s pretty darn good at it!

He creates super high quality, amazingly helpful, entertaining videos that buyers love & that make hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits…

If you don’t think you can make the same kind of big profit video products his brand new course will show you that YES you really can!

If you think it’ll cost a lot to get up and running making videos or that you’ll need expensive kit then you’re wrong!

This is the first time Stephen’s talked about how he creates his videos (he’s created *140* video training products)

Why Video Tutorials?

Kevin Riley’s Private Summer Marketing Workshop

summerbizbuilderchallengeall this sunshine has obviously gone to my head, I’d planned on letting you know about this last week, but missed it somehow, and then yestersay I noticed it had aready started…

the good news is there’s still time to get in and make this your best summer ever!

Now don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with driving 8 hours to spend a weekend at the cabin/beach/woods/lake/etc.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with spending lazy days sleeping in a hammock. And it’s only slightly wrong to spend your summer holiday visiting crazy Aunt Mildred and her 27 cats.

But… at the end of the summer, what have you accomplished?

You’re headed back to the same old grind.

You wasted away your summer and never took advantage of that free time to better your lot in life.


This summer, you can make a difference. You can improve your lot in life.

EasyDealBuilder – a revolutionairy online selling tool…

easydealbuilderI managed to get my hands on a preview copy of “Easy Deal Builder” to have a play with and see what I thought of it, so here’s my review…

Note: When you get ‘EDB’ [Easy Deal Builder] you receive a licensed copy that easily installs on your own web host, so you’re in total control.

Simon & Jeremy, the guys behind EDB, have done a great job on the training for the system, but I admit that when I first had a play with the admin panel I found I really didn’t need much help, it’s that easy, although I had run through the quick demo video.

I’ve included the demo video below so that you can check it out for yourself, it’s only just over 6 minutes long, so won’t take long to watch:

The first thing I’m going to point out is that there is a LOT that you can do with this system!

UK Internet Marketing Summit Videos

beerandwineI can’t offer you a beer at the bar, but…

OK, so you missed the chance to grab a beer or two and a chat with me at the bar at the IM Summit in Manchester, but you don’t have to miss out on all the top notch content chared that weekend…

Yup, you can now watch the whole event from the comfort of your own home/office.

There were top marketers from all over the world hopping on a place to listen to the speakers, I know because I caught up with a few of them in the bar later… 😉

People paid £197 ($330) and more to attend the event, and for good reason, you don’t oftgen get the chance to listen to top marketers like these: –

~ Brad Gosse
~ Anthony Tilley
~ Mark Wallace
~ Paul Clifford
~ Mark Lyford
~ Michael Christon
~ Marc Milburn
~ Simon Gereenhalgh
~ Matt Ford
~ Steve Benn
~ Dean Holland

Communication, Communication, Communication

customersOn May 1st I launched a new product,

It was the most problematic launch I’ve ever had, including the server being down for several hours, and yet after 48 hours we’d still had only 1 refund.

So what happened?

One of the most important things with a launch is not just being properly prepared before hand, but paying attention to what’s happening and being ready to respond to any problems.

Within an hour of going live I spotted that there were no new members registered in the membership database, this was after 100 sales.

So I then went to the support desk to check for the support tickets that I was expecting and discovered there weren’t any.

Then the server went down for the first time.

At this point it would be easy to panic, but that doesn’t solve problems.

So what did we do?

First we got the webshost to get the server back up and work out why the server had gone down.

Popular WordPress Developer Tool

wpsimulatoraka: How to break a high capacity cloud server…

sometimes you come up with something that you know straight away isn’t the usual ‘run of the mill’ offer…

yesterday this proved to be even more the case than expected for my new WordPress product.

In the first few hours of the new launch my brand new, “high capacity” cloud server got so much traffic it broke…

I’ve had to upgrade the server to quadruple the capacity to deal with the surge of interest in this new offer!

Check out what all the fuss is about here: WPSimulator

If you’re a ‘newbie’ at WordPress then you can be up and running on the same development system that the pro web designers use to create their sites in just minutes…

If you already know how to use WordPress then you really need to be using this to make your life easier and stress free for developing sites…

4 New Blog Posts & Global Botnet attack…

dangeranother long, but productive week, rewarded with a couple of beers with my sister and some friends last night, so I’m probably going to have a less productive Friday… 😉

got a few things for you this week, including several blog posts!

#1: Global DDOS Attack on WordPress Sites

if you’ve not heard about the massive botnet attack on worpdress sites that’s been going on for the last couple of weeks, then you can read more about it, as well as some simple advice to help secure your sites in the new blog post here:

#2: BlogDefender going up in price on 25th April…
if you haven’t secured your WordPress blog from hackers then you may already have been hacked!

learn how to secure your site before the price goes up here:

#3: Search Engine optimization techniques don’t exactly stand still, Google does seem to enjoy keeping us all on our toes!

so here’s the latest, most up to date, SEO guide for 2013…

Weekly News 12th Apr 2013

I hope your week has been productive!

I’ve been spending a lot of time preparing my new product “WPSimulator” for launch, so plenty busy… 😉

passivenicheprofits#1: I also had a webinar on Passive Niche Profits earlier in the week with Adam Short, which went down very well with everyone who made it along.

if you missed the webinar don’t worry, I’ve got the link for the replay for you!

here it is: –

grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee, or whatever your preference, and and make sure you’re got a notepad open, as you’re bound to want to take some notes, Adam shares a whole bunch of useful info!

and feel free to hit reply if you’ve got any questions…

#2: I also came a cross a sweet little WP Plugin that allows you to search through over 50,000 copyright free, stock images, grab the one you want, resize it, and pop it straight in to your blog posts…