Weekly News 12th Apr 2013

Weekly News 12th Apr 2013

I hope your week has been productive!

I’ve been spending a lot of time preparing my new product “WPSimulator” for launch, so plenty busy… 😉

passivenicheprofits#1: I also had a webinar on Passive Niche Profits earlier in the week with Adam Short, which went down very well with everyone who made it along.

if you missed the webinar don’t worry, I’ve got the link for the replay for you!

here it is: –

grab yourself a cup of tea/coffee, or whatever your preference, and and make sure you’re got a notepad open, as you’re bound to want to take some notes, Adam shares a whole bunch of useful info!

and feel free to hit reply if you’ve got any questions…

#2: I also came a cross a sweet little WP Plugin that allows you to search through over 50,000 copyright free, stock images, grab the one you want, resize it, and pop it straight in to your blog posts…

read about it in the blog post here: –

#3: the next blog post is all about a 530 ftp error that I experienced this week with FileZilla that cost me and my biz partner over 6 hours of productivity time, so I threw up the post to help anyone else who ever gets it.

here’s the post: –

#4: this blog post is all about a neat offer for your own reseller WP Plugins site/store that comes with 25 plugins built in for you to sell.

I’ve already got mine set up, you can see it in action here: –

and the blog post all about the offer is here: –

#5: this is just a reminder in case you missed my “rant” blog post about two web hosting companies that I had bad experiences with recently…

here’s the post:

as always, feel free to leave any comments/feedback, etc.
& have a great weekend!

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