Split Test Monkey Walk through Demonstration Review

//Split Test Monkey Walk through Demonstration Review

Split Test Monkey Walk through Demonstration Review

Demo Walk Through Review Video of Split Test Monkey

The 2008 Obama Presidential campaign used split testing to generate an extra 288,000 signups and volunteers, AND an additional $60 million in donations over the course of the campaign…

They managed to increase their optin conversions from 8.26% to 11.6%, that’s 40.6% more signups from the same traffic!

and with the right tool it’s easy for you to do the same for your optins AND sales

The important bit here is you don’t need to be tech savvy or some massive ‘big budget’ corporation to take advantage of this technology

I managed to get my hands on an early copy of Split Test Monkey and have been using it live on a few offers and sites since early October.

Below is a quick video showing how easy it is to setup and why it’s something that should be in every online marketers toolkit:

Check it out for yourself here: Split Test Monkey

Split Testing Mythbusting

1. You don’t need to test it if someone else already has…

Totally incorrect, for two simple reasons, every offer is different AND all traffic is different.

Your offer is likely to be different to someone else’s, so will appeal in different ways to visitors.

Your visitors are also likely to be very different to someone else’s and react to different ‘triggers’, so you should always test things yourself!

2. Multivairant testing is better than Split testing

It can be, but you need a LOT more traffic to get significant results that you can rely on, because with multivariant testing your testing more variations.

Simple A/B split testing is the quickest way to get results that are measurable and reliable.

3. Split testing is difficult

It can be, but that really comes down to using the right tool for the job.

The best system will make it so easy to do it becomes fun!

Top Tips to get the most out of your Spit testing

1. Start with the stuff that will make the biggest difference.

For example, testing different attention grabbing headlines is going to get you better results out of the gate than fiddling with the color of the buy button…

My favorites include:

The Headline
The sub headline
Countdown timers
The price
Position of buy buttons
Position of testimonials
Position of Count down timer(s)

‘Position’ – e.g. just at the bottom of the page, or close to the top

2. Don’t jump the gun on the results…

Make sure you give the test long enough to run, I’ve seen what looked like a winner turn in to a loser a few days later.

This can easily happen when you’re getting your traffic from a variety of sources, make sure the sample is big enough to cover all the possibilities.

3. Go off Piste

While it makes sense to start with the obvious stuff (as per #1 above) don’t be scared to mix it up and try something different, you never know what could make a difference…

4. Look everywhere for ideas

Have a look round at how other people’s offers are presented, this will usually give you a whole bunch of new ideas for things to test…

5. Keep fine tuning

You may feel you have found that ‘winning’ headline, but remember it’s simply the best you’ve found so far…

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and you can check out my favourite A/B split testing software tool Split Test Monkey here

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