Kevin Riley’s Private Summer Marketing Workshop

summerbizbuilderchallengeall this sunshine has obviously gone to my head, I’d planned on letting you know about this last week, but missed it somehow, and then yestersay I noticed it had aready started…

the good news is there’s still time to get in and make this your best summer ever!

Now don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with driving 8 hours to spend a weekend at the cabin/beach/woods/lake/etc.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with spending lazy days sleeping in a hammock. And it’s only slightly wrong to spend your summer holiday visiting crazy Aunt Mildred and her 27 cats.

But… at the end of the summer, what have you accomplished?

You’re headed back to the same old grind.

You wasted away your summer and never took advantage of that free time to better your lot in life.


This summer, you can make a difference. You can improve your lot in life.

In 2009, Kevin Riley held the first ever Private Workshop in Internet marketing’s biggest online forum – the Warrior Forum.

One of the attendees (Maria Gudelis of Sarnia, Ontario) went on to build an online business that pulls in over $1,000,000 a year.

Many other attendees of the Product Creation Lab Workshop went on to build successful online businesses.

Many have since begged Kevin Riley to hold another workshop.

Now, four years later, he is finally going to give more people a chance to build their own successful online businesses.

Kevin is is a top dog when it comes to step-by-step teaching AND product creation…

and he’s offering to take you step by detailed-step through a Challenge to build your own successful online how-to tutorial business — and you’ll do it all in just 6 weeks.

you’ll create the two (2) essential ingredients for a successful, money-making online business — the ingredients that will make you a good income on autopilot.

Here’s a more detailed break down of exactly what you’re going to get: –

Stage 1 – Find Your Tutorial Subject

Lesson 1 – A warm-up exercise where participants drill down to niches for existing ideas.

Lesson 2 – Time to take an in-depth look at own passions, knowledge, and achievements to create a bank of ideas for further investigation.

Lesson 3 – Use two major websites to generate more ideas for niches and topics.

Lesson 4 – Use Google’s brand-new Keyword Planner tool to determine which niche ideas have good amounts of online traffic, to ensure your niche ideas are viable for making a good income.

Lesson 5 – Use another Google tool to ensure the long-term viability of your niche ideas.

Lesson 6 – Use a major e-commerce site to determine how well existing products are already selling in niches.

Lesson 7 – Determine the long-term viability of your niche ideas and the ability to get repeat sales. Then, examine all the data from Lessons 4-6 and select the most promising niche.

Stage 2 – Plan Your Tutorial Site Content

Lesson 8 – Plan a product line and create a basic plan for your first tutorial product.

Lesson 9 – Use a major website to discover the wants in your niche, and what you can include to make your tutorial product a best-seller.

Lesson 10 – Do some more research into what your niche wants, with two more online resources.

Lesson 11 – Give your tutorial product and business a compelling name. Determine a theme for your tutorial website and product.

Lesson 12 – Use a storyboard template to create a detailed plan of your first tutorial product.

Stage 3 – Create Your Tutorial Site Content

Lesson 13 – Create the images you’ll need for your tutorial product, using your computer’s own screenshot features and a free online image editor.

Lesson 14 – Write the script for each tutorial video, using your storyboards and images to guide you.

Lesson 15 – Record your voiceover with free recording software that’s easy to use.

Lesson 16 – Create your power-point-style tutorial videos with a free, online, drag-n-drop video creator.

Lesson 17 – Use templates to create the PDF transcripts, worksheets, and checklists that add value to your product.

Stage 4 – Set Up Your Prospect Funnel System

Lesson 18 – Create special traffic-generating and pre-selling videos from your existing tutorial videos.

Lesson 19 – Create the first stage of your e-mail follow-up series. This one builds a relationship with your prospective buyers.

Lesson 20 – Create the second stage of your e-mail follow-up series. This one actively sells your tutorial product to your prospective buyers.

Lesson 21 – Create a simple incentive for visiting prospects to enter your prospect funnel system.

Lesson 22 – Set up an autoresponder system to run your funnel system on autopilot.

Stage 5 – Set Up Your Tutorial Site

Lesson 23 – Register a domain name and set up hosting for your website.

Lesson 24 – Install WordPress, a mobile responsive theme, and a membership plugin.

Lesson 25 – Build your membership area. This will be a simple set of pages that hold your tutorial videos, and can only be accessed by those who pay you for access.

Lesson 26 – Use templates to create a compelling landing page, an about page, the legal pages, and a blog on your website.

Lesson 27 – Create your own channel at YouTube and load the first of your traffic-generating videos. This is where you’ll get in front of your target prospects and bring them to your funnel system.

Lesson 28 – Take steps to push your videos up in the search results on YouTube. Also establish a regimen for keeping your website in the spotlight, and keep bringing in streams of targeted traffic.

check it out here:  Private Workshop