Creating Video Tutorial Courses as Digital information Products

stephenlucaka “Making Money From Teaching”…

I sell a bunch of different types of products online, but I find time & time again that my most popular are training videos, and they’re actually the simplest to do, once you know how…

Stephen Luc is another guy who makes a lot of video training courses, it’s what he focuses on and he’s pretty darn good at it!

He creates super high quality, amazingly helpful, entertaining videos that buyers love & that make hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits…

If you don’t think you can make the same kind of big profit video products his brand new course will show you that YES you really can!

If you think it’ll cost a lot to get up and running making videos or that you’ll need expensive kit then you’re wrong!

This is the first time Stephen’s talked about how he creates his videos (he’s created *140* video training products)

Why Video Tutorials?

With eBook profits and price points at record lows, with an ever growing and over saturated software market, *VIDEO* based products are the place to be right now if you want to sell more and make more online…

and unless you have THOUSANDS to invest getting videos outsourced, then making them yourself is the only option.

You can use video products in tons of different ways such as: –

1) Use videos to build your list (video squeeze pages) & video products offered as freebies out gun free reports all day.

2) Sell video training products – there is HUGE profits to be made offering your own video training products

3) Offer your video products as bonuses to double (sometimes triple) your current affiliate sales & commissions.

4) Add a video training course to your front end products as a bonus and watch your conversions shoot through the roof

5) Use video (with a higher perceived value) as a one time offer or upsell in your existing sales funnel

6) Repurpose PLR content and turn an old ebook into higher priced, better selling video product that no one else has

7) Boost your member retention rates or even build an entirely new membership site for easy recurring billing profits

8) Fire up your copy of Easy Deal Builder and offer a weekly or monthly video course deal for an extra income boost each month

9) Do #8 then sell resell rights to your deal – just sell the exported .edb files for even more profits (for just a few minutes extra work)

I could go on and list more, but I know what you’re probably thinking…

~ making videos takes too much time
~ making videos costs too much money
~ making videos isn’t for me

If any of those popped into your head then you simply have to look at this!

If the idea of spending weeks or even months putting a video course together fills you with dread, this will change your mind, it’s a LOT easier than you may think!

Stephen makes it **SUPER** simple and he reveals how to start 100% from scratch to creating in-demand videos in record breaking time

[even if you aren’t an expert in the topic everyone will think you are when you simply copy what Stephen does)

So what are the videos..?

Here’s a brief overview of the 17 videos included: –

#1: Introduction to Video Creation Secrets
#2: The System: How it all works
#3: Moving At Warp Speed By Killing The Distractions
#4: Identifying Your Own Learning Style
#5: Finding Your True Teaching Style
#6: Choosing The Best Topics For Video Courses
#7: Creating Product & Course Titles That Work
#8: What Type Of Video Should You Use
#9: Brainstorming Your Video Outline For Success
#10: Crafting Your Sales Letter Sales Letter First
#11: Finalizing & Fine Tuning Your SalesLetter
#12: Calling In The “Grammar Police”
#13: Launching The Video Creation Process
#14: Microphone – Recording 101
#15: Where, When & How To Record
#16: Editing Your Video Product
#17: Rendering Your Final Videos

check it out here while it’s on special offer, for the next few days only ~> Video Creation Secrets

9,000 customers, $240,668 net profits from just 5 products that took in total less than a month or so to develop and make, that’s the kind of results Stephen get’s, now he’s sharing with you how to do the same…