The best bonus offers from guru’s for big launches..

Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Bonuses

you've probably had quite a few emails from people about Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula Ver 2 launch today. you won't find my affiliate link for it in this email as I'm not promoting it... why? simple, I haven't got a copy and I've no idea what it's like, although I suspect it's very good, but it needs to be as it's a high price course. all the marketers who are promoting it seem to believe it [...]

Best Bonus Offers for Andrew Fox’s Affiliate X Factor

Foxy's new product is launched today and there's some cool bonuses on offer from a bunch of top affiliate marketers, so here's the best that I've seen so far today: Guru: Michael Rasmussen Link: Bonuses: BONUS #1 - The Guruslayer Program BONUS #2 - Free Traffic With Myspace Clickbank ID: MRASMUSSEN To Claim Bonus: send receipt to ~##~ Guru: Rob Benwell Link: Bonus: Rob's own Affiliate X Factor Techniques Video including How to get free [...]

IM Annihilation Bonus Offers

My recent blog post competition brought up some great suggestions, one of which I'm going to start as of today.. Rob Benwell has another big launch going on today, it's for his new IM Annihilation product, of which there are only 1,000 copies up for grabs. I've already had quite a few emails from internet marketers promoting it today, but 4 cuaght my attention as they are offering bonuses for buying through their affiliate link, so here's [...]

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