Too Many Emails

"Too many emails!" that's the most common comment I recieve from people who unsubscibe and it's not surprising. one of my subscribers mentioned recently that he'd had more than a dozen emails about Mike Filsaime's Traffic Fusion on the launch day, which actually put him off. I had to admit that I'd had around 3 times that many, but then I'm on just about every marketers list, including all my JV partners and adswaps partners, it helps [...]

Are One Time Offers Bad For Business?

If you've been in the Internet Marketing (IM) market for any length of time you'll be familiar with the principle of a "One Time Offer" (OTO), where after signing up for a free offer (or a paid product) you will be be given a "special offer" for a product or service, usually at a discounted price, but will only get that price if you take the offer right then. It's a fairly standard marketing approach for professional [...]