Tim Brocklehurst’s Freedom Class Workshop

Wow! What a weekend! I don't make it to many internet marketing "events", but this weekend I had the chance to help out Tim Brocklehurst with one of his TheFreedomClass workshops. The workshops are designed to get people totally up and running with their own MyViralSpiral3.com site, including a blog, their own info product and affiliate program and show them how to start getting traffic in to build their list virally. So by the end of the [...]

JV Tips $100 prize

These are just a few of extra JV tips that I thought of while writing yesterdays post, but couldn't work in to the flow of the post, details of the $100 competition are at the bottom: - 1. The simplest way to start a "relationship" with a potential JV partner is to get on their newsletter, read it for a while, and when something comes up that you don't understand or that you could help them with [...]

Building JV Partnerships

JV Partnerships are one of the most powerful tactics for getting traffic and building your list in internet marketing, but where do you start..? If you're just beginning and don't have a list or product then that's really where you need to start. JV's are usually based on a relationship that you've built up with the prospective JV partner, but you still need to be able to offer something of value, good JV partnerships are never "one [...]