DoshDosh Thinks Twitter Is….

Discussion of twitter seems to be all the rage at the moment, so I thought I'd chip in, again. I posted something a while back about "getting" twitter, and I have to say that whilst I am finding it worthwhile for myself, I can still understand why some people think it's just another time sucking social black hole. I now spend more time than I would prefer each day keeping an eye on my twitter feed, I [...]

Matt Garrett’s Back

Wow! I can't believe I haven't made a post to this blog since the start of the month! It shows what can happen when we get some sunny weather here in the UK! I know us Brits are supposed to be "obsessed" with the weather, but that's because a lot of the time it does rain or get "cloudy", so when we have a week or so of summer weather in May we tend to want to [...]

Buying The Bonus

I've bought 2 products today, one of which is a relatively "high ticket" item, although it's half price until midnight tonight. and when I say I "bought" them, I do mean that, there not freebie products that I got a copy of for "reviewing", these are ones where I've put my hand in my pocket, and one of them I bought mostly for one of the bonuses on offer... Dan Kennedy's Info Riches Course went on sale [...]