Web 2.0 Blackholes

Is it just me, or do most of these web 2.0 social sites simply turn in to ways of making sure we get less done each day..? Like time sucking black holes.. :) I've had to cut back severly on my time spent on facebook simply because I was loosing hours on there, just just playing with the different "apps", but also cleaning up my "Fun Wall" that people keep insisting on posting crap to, as well [...]

Ethical Internet Marketing

Many affiliate marketers seem to just use the standard promotional emails that they're provided with by a product owner and simply blast it out to their list. You've gotta ask yourself whether they've actually taken the time to read the report, or check out the product, that they are promoting to see if it's good or not. I know this can be tempting as it's a lot quicker and easier than the alterntive, which is to actually [...]

One Blog Or Many?

someone recently asked me why I have so many seperate blogs, especially one's related to internet marketing, when I could easily have one blog with seperate "Categories" instead. It's a good question, and I had to think a little while before answering. The obvious downside is that I need to post to all of them on a regular basis which is time consuming. It's also necessaty for me to do SEO and marketing work to promote them [...]

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