Summary of the best blog posts and stuff from this week…

Hi, as it’s sunday I thought I’d do a bit of a summary of just the best bits from the last week or so, mostly blog posts.

1. Google’s Panda or Penguin Updates: Find out what happened and what you need to do now and going forward: –

2. Google Updates – Discover ‘The Long Term Solution’ and never suffer from Google updates again: –

note: this one is written specifically to promote a ‘paid traffic’ course, so if that’s of no interest to you then skip it. 🙂

3. 60 IM PLR Videos cost $10

note: the upsell is another 60 WP videos for $17

I’ve picked up copies of both these for myself, as I think they are great value. I’m not going to list all 60 of the videos, but if you want to see what you get they are listed on my blog post here: –

Remember the first rule of PLR, don’t buy it unless you’re actually going to use it, there’s no point in spending money if the stuff is just going to sit on your hard disk doing nothing….

4. PInterst WP Blog Theme – Siphon Free Traffic From Facebook & Pinterest On Autopilot using this excellent WP Blog Theme: –

note: obviously this is only relevant to you if you have a blog.

Note 2: the guys behind this also have an amazing attention grabbing ‘bar’ that appears at the top of your page, making the same noise as the sound you get from your browser when it blocks a popup, which most people are used to reacting to and checking out, so it realy does get people to take action.

Obviously you can put whatever you want on this bar, whether it’s a link to an affiliate program, a squeeze page or whatever, it will get people to check it out and click.

I’m going to be putting this on a whole bunch of my blogs so I can test it out and I’ll share the results with you in a future blog post, but if you’d like to see it in action you can here: –

Covert Action Bar

5. Building An eMail List With Unsubscribes – discover how to legally & ethically build a responsive email list from people who unsubscribe for your list: –

6. There is one ‘offer’ (NOT a blog post) that I want to mention because I really do think it’s excellent value.

it’s called ‘Commission Stealth Bombs‘ and I know the name is a smidgeon ‘hypey’, but the product itself it solid, as always from Kevin Riley.

here’s what you get every month: –

~ 2 pre-selling reports per month (delivered every 15 days) targeting profitable affiliate products

~ Step-by-step basic training for quick start

~ Drag-and-drop brander and step-by-step affiliate program directions

~ Step-by-step training to get your report distributed to maximum number of prospects

~ 2 list-building squeeze pages per month, including other autoresponder pages

~ 2 follow-up e-mail series per month for increased contact with prospects

~ Step-by-step autoresponder & squeeze page setup training

it’s basically a whole lot of work done for you, but you will need to be able drive traffic/visitors for it to be worth while for you.

and here’s the link: – Stealth Commission Bombs

OK, that’s it, I hope you like the format of this post, but please feel free to give me some feedback and let me know what you thinkby leaving a comment here ro on my facebook page: –


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