well I did promise this summary would be once a week at most, and in fact it’s been around three weeks since I sent the first one!

I’ve only got a few things to cover in this edition, the first being more ‘admin’ than anything else…

1. There’s a pretty cool Resale Rights offer that closes at the end of today, it’s for product in the ‘WFM/WAH/Home Biz’ (Work From/At Home) niche and teaches people how to get started with zero costs.

The reseller rights aren’t mentioned until around half way through the video, so it’s worth hanging in there.

I’ve picked up a copy of this myself, so if you’re not interested in the reseller rights but just want a copy for your personal use then you can always wait until I’ve got my copy set up for sale… 😉

you can check out the video here: –

~> http://alink.co/real

NOTE: They WILL close this down at the end of today, Sunday 8th July.

2. I got hold of a cool set of 30 Traffic Newsletter/email articles that you can use for an ezine follow up sequence, complete with a squeeze page for building your list, AND you get Master Resale Rights to the whole lot…

check out the offer here ~> http://targetedtraffictactics.com/trafficemails/

or you can see more info about the newsletters here: –

3. My friend Pawan Agrawal is about to launch a neat new RSS plugin next week, and I managed to persuade him to let me have a copy to play with already, so I’m testing it out on a few blogs to see just how well it works.

But in the meantime he is rfeleasing a whole bunch of useful info (pdf report & videos) about RSS and the best ways to use it, in the run up to his launhc, so I recommend you grab the free content while it’s up for grabs.

you can check it out from the blog post I did here: –
~> http://blogtactics.com/does-rss-still-work/

and I’ll post results of the test on IMTesting.com as soon as I have them.

4. And last, but not least, according to the FBI, around 300,000 computers are likely to have a problem tomorrow, Monday 9th July 2012, from some malware that was released late last year.

You can read more about it here: –


that blog post includes a link to a site where you can check if your PC is one of those infected.