Is it just me, or do most of these web 2.0 social sites simply turn in to ways of making sure we get less done each day..?

Like time sucking black holes..

I’ve had to cut back severly on my time spent on facebook simply because I was loosing hours on there, just just playing with the different “apps”, but also cleaning up my “Fun Wall” that people keep insisting on posting crap to, as well as dealing with endless application “requests” or invites.

The new feature to “delete all” invitations in one go is probably the most useful new feature they’ve added there..

On the other hand I’m starting to like Twitter, it takes up so little time and is real simple, just make a quick short post as to what you’re up to or what you’ve found that you wan to share.

You can check out my Twittering here:

Matt Garrett on Twitter

I also found that my list of Social Site profiles was getting a bit long, so I got a FaceBook application written for me that allows me to add them all to my facebook profile, making it so much simpler for people to find my different profiles, as well as helping me to remember them, or rather, not need to..

You can see the app in action in a quick video I mad on the blog for the app here:

Social Site Profile Links App for Facebook

Of course, there is another advantage to the app, I’ve made sure that once you have invited a few friends to check it out you get the option of adding your own bespoke links to your own sites, such as your blogs, so you can also have links to those from your facebook profile page…

More traffic anyone?

If you like the look of it feel free to visit the app and grab a copy for yourself:

and here’s a quick run down of some of my other social profiles:

I’m sure the list will probably grow even longer over the coming year, but I’m not sure where I’m going to find the time to keep up with them all..