“Too many emails!”

that’s the most common comment I recieve from people who unsubscibe and it’s not surprising.

one of my subscribers mentioned recently that he’d had more than a dozen emails about Mike Filsaime’s Traffic Fusion on the launch day, which actually put him off.

I had to admit that I’d had around 3 times that many, but then I’m on just about every marketers list, including all my JV partners and adswaps partners, it helps to be able to spot the best stuff out there and find new JV/adswap partners, but it can get a bit much, even as a full time marketer who doesn’t have a full time job on top.

For anyone still juggling a “job” and their new internet marketing business it can be a killer…

In fact, receiving too many emails is also the best reason for unsubscribing from peoples lists, as With so many offers for the best new thing” flying around it’s very easy to get distracted and lose focus.

In order to be successful online you will do better by just finding one or two things that your comfortable with and focus on them until they start to bring in some cash (e.g. blogging and article marketing).

so what’s the solution?

well, I recommend keeping a separate folder in your email program for all the emails you get from marketers and when you read one that you like mark it as a good one, and vice versa.

If you’re on several marketers lists then you’ll find it easy to spot those who are just using the deafult “promo email” provided for the product… 🙂

Then every 4-6 weeks you can have a look through the folder and unsubscribe from all the marketers/lists that haven’t sent at least 1 or 2 good emails in that period…

this should help you to keep your emails down to just those that are usefull and worth spending a few minutes reading.

As per Tim Ferris’s “in-zraf-wbheany-cyhf-or-va-n-zbivr/" title="the 4 hour work week" target="_blank">The 4 Hour Work Week” (a must read book), you should also limit your “email time” each day/week and not have your email software open so that you get distracted everytime a new email drops in to your inbox. I find doing so has made a big difference to how much work I get done in a day, although I admit I’m not perfect at following this discipline, let’s call it a” work in progress”… 🙂


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Matt Garrett