Wow! What a weekend!

I don’t make it to many internet marketing “events”, but this weekend I had the chance to help out Tim Brocklehurst with one of his TheFreedomClass workshops.

The workshops are designed to get people totally up and running with their own site, including a blog, their own info product and affiliate program and show them how to start getting traffic in to build their list virally.

So by the end of the weekend they’ve got everything in place to start building a REAL online business that will last.

I’ve had MVS3 for a while now as I recognised how powerful it is when I saw Tim present it at Robert Puddy’s BritPack seminar last year, but hadn’t had time to get to grips with it properly, so the weekend was also the ideal opportunity for me to do the same as the students, get it all up and running and building me a list virally.

I found it so easy to set up and use it was no problem for me to do mine and have time to help the students.

Tim was smart enough to realise that having a couple of other internet marketing tech heads along to help everyone keep up to speed and it seemed to work very well, although Rob O’Callaghan and I did a lot of running around, everyone did end up with a fully set up and running MVS list building business.

Tim also had some great guest speakers lined up: –

First up was Ange Wayne who was so energized and passionate in her presentation it was contagious and she had the whole class, including us “experts”, swept up with her, which is pretty impressive for us “reserved” Brits.

If you ever get the chance to see her speak I highly advise you make it happen, she will open your eyes to your true “greatness”. I know that sounds a little “corney”, but if you do see her speak, you will understand totally.

Then we had Martin Avis, who I’ve know for a few years now and whilst he’s a fairly quiet, un-assuming guy, he really does know his stuff and makes it easy for people to understand how to do stuff like writing articles and building a relationship with you subscribers the RIGHT way.

On the second day we had Alan Forest Smith, a top copywriter who I’d never met or seen before. There were some students at the class that had seen him before and they were impressed that he wasn’t just giving the same presentation that they had seen before, it was all new stuff and real cutting edge copywriting stuff, but he also put it across so well that it was easy for even a “newbie” to understand and get the most important foundation for writing truly effective copy.

I’m not exactly a newbie at copywriting, although I tend to get experts (thanks Randy) to do most of my stuff for me, but Alan taught me quite a few VERY useful things and when I get the chance to see him speak again, I’ll jump at the opportunity.

Last up was Diane Corriette who covered podcasting and managed to keep something that could have been scary for “newbies” simple enough to be understandable and useful to everyone there.

Unfortauntly Rob didn’t get the chance to do a presentation, which is a shame as he’s got such a depth of knowledge on the latest web 2 and social site stuff.

The most important question is how did the workshop go for the students, but I guess that’s something that only they can answer, so I’m going to invite as many as I can to post comments to this post and see what they have to say…

For me the weekend was great on a lot of different levels: –

Getting my own MVS3 site up and running was probably the least important part of the weekend for me, although I know it’s going to add to my online profits this year.

Catching up with Tim, Martin and Rob is always fun, but also meeting Diane again, as well as Ange and Alan for the first time was very cool.

Having the opportunity to help Tim’s students to get to grips with everthing and make the most of the weekend and their new online list building business was also great feeling. It’s cool to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with people who are going to use it to make money online.

but the best part of the weekend was simply meeting some cool new friends who had such a positive outlook on life and were keen to get their internet businesses off to a good start!

so as well as thanking Tim, I need to thank Nicola, Suzanne, Lorna, Alison, Sue, Trisha, Lucy, Chris and everyone else who made me feel so welcome.


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