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wpsimulatoraka: How to break a high capacity cloud server…

sometimes you come up with something that you know straight away isn’t the usual ‘run of the mill’ offer…

yesterday this proved to be even more the case than expected for my new WordPress product.

In the first few hours of the new launch my brand new, “high capacity” cloud server got so much traffic it broke…

I’ve had to upgrade the server to quadruple the capacity to deal with the surge of interest in this new offer!

Check out what all the fuss is about here: WPSimulator

If you’re a ‘newbie’ at WordPress then you can be up and running on the same development system that the pro web designers use to create their sites in just minutes…

If you already know how to use WordPress then you really need to be using this to make your life easier and stress free for developing sites…

If you’re a pro then you can save your self a shed load of time getting this all set up the conventional way…

This is on a Dimesale, so go grab it while the price is still low!

I should probably also mention WPSim is my product and has taken me and my techie over 4 months to develop… :-)

P.S. If develop sites for clients this will let you do it all offline so you can get it all just right before the client ever see anything, just like the Pro’s do…

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