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Missing Facebook Email Messages

Did you realize you’re probably mising a whole bunch of your email/messages on Facebook..?

Yup, it’s true!

Sometime last year Facebook added an extra section to your messages, called “Other”, which you can find the link for on the left hand of the page, just under “Messages” once you’ve gone to your “See All Messages” page, or any individual message.

missing facebook messages

This looks like it’s been put in place as a way of dealing with unwanted “spam” messages, especially as it’s very easy for anyone to send you a message using your “” email address.

The only problem is that they seem to have forgotten to tell anyone about this “other” folder, unless I (and eveyone else I’ve asked) totally missed it, so most people have no idea to click on the “other” link to see what’s in the folder.

AND, as with most automated “anti spam” systems, there are most likely some “false positive’s” in there, in other words emails & messages that you DO want to know about and to read, there certainly was in my “other” folder.

Any messages that end up getting “pushed” in to the “other” folder automatically by Facebook will not trigger any kind of notification for you, so you really do need to check it now and then.

If there is a message in there that you want to move back to your main messages folder, then simply open that message, then click on the “Actions” menu button at the top and choose “Move To Messages”, and from then on all messages from that person/group/address should remain in the main messages folder.

missing facebook emails

I hope you find some useful/intersting messages in your “other” facebook lost messages folder…

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Comment by Dan Sumner
2011-12-15 02:32:00

Just been on FB Matt and checked the other section. 12 messages in there that I have missed :shock: . For some reason they never show anything up as being in there either thats why I have never noticed. Thanks for the quick tip


2011-12-15 11:15:23

[...] am indebted to Matt Garrett for alerting me to the fact that Facebook has a spam filter for its private message [...]

Comment by Kat Dennis Subscribed to comments via email
2012-02-10 02:12:27

Wow thanks I found a bunch I didn’t know I had. Even one from you.

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