Damn, I had no idea it would be so difficult to pick a winner, I think that’s why I’ve not been in a rush to close the competition, I wasn’t looking forward to trying to pick just one winner, there’s some excellent posts!

You can read the original post and the replies here: –


There are a few bits especially that I’d like to highlight: –

All of Reed’s points are bang on, unsurprisingly, but meeting someone at a seminar shouldn’t be underestimated. Just one JV partner that I made at the last seminar I went to paid for the cost of the seminar for me…

Giving the person a testimonial for their product is also a great tip.

Ben mentioned that it’s a good idea to offer potential JV partners a review copy of your product, you shouldn’t really expect them to pay for it after all, and they’re not likely to promote it if they don’t get to check it out…

Ben’s point ofmaking sure you give the right information so the potential jv partner can make thedecision easily is also very important. Most people you get in touch with will get several such emails each and every day, the more clearly you can present your offer the more likley that it will be read, rather than deleted.

John’s suggestion of creating a product to promote their product can also be very effective…

Andy also mentions that you REALLY want to try and get them to include an email for your product in their autoresponder follow up series, as this can bring you long term profits.

Andy makes another exellent point that your really do need to keeo in mind from the start – “if you first consider what you can do for them before thinking about what they can do for you, you can build a much stronger JV relationship”

and there’s a couple of other ideas that occured to me: –

  1. offer the potential jv partner a special discount that they can give their readers. I’ve even set up permanant discount offer pages for some of my jv partners.
  2. offer to put one of their “offers” on your download page as a “unannounced bonus”
  3. and obviously offer to put a promo for their product in to your autoresponder follow up series

so who’ve I picked as the winner?

well, all four posts covered important points, heck I could probably turn the answers in to a mini ebook or report, so I’m gonna be a total wimp and call it a draw and send Reed, Ben, John & Andy $30 each, which should be enough for a beer and a pizza on me as a thank you for their suggestions and time.

Thanks guys!