These are just a few of extra JV tips that I thought of while writing yesterdays post, but couldn’t work in to the flow of the post, details of the $100 competition are at the bottom: –

1. The simplest way to start a “relationship” with a potential JV partner is to get on their newsletter, read it for a while, and when something comes up that you don’t understand or that you could help them with (i.e. have a genuine reason, don’t just make one up), get in touch.

note: being on a marketers newsletter for a while will also give you an idea of the sort of things that they promote to their subscribers. Don’t waste your time (or theirs) getting in touch with someone who only promotes a particular type of product or service if your offer is totally unrelated to it, focus on those who are likely to be intrested in what you have.

2. Always try and offer the potential JV partner that you’re approaching more than you will be getting in return, for instance rather than just sending out a promo email for them, you could also add a blog post that gives them a permanent promo for their product/offer, as well as a link back to their site

3. Sending something via old fashioned “snail mail” can be a great way of getting a potential JV partners attention, I’ve received not only postcard invites for JV offers, but even a mini remote control helicopter, although it turned out that was actually intended for another well known marketer. 🙂

4. Never ever send a broadcast email to several people, even if you use “BCC”. If you’re trying to build a relationship with someone, which is what a JV partnership is, it has to be based on trust and respect. Even the slightest hint that you’ve sent a “broadcast” email is going to get you off on totally the wrong foot.

5. Never be afraid to ask, if you don’t ask you can’t get a “yes”, but ALWAYS be polite and respectful.

That’s just a few extra tips that popped in to my mind while writing yesterdays post on building JV partnerships, so here’s your chance to win $100 cash (paid via PayPal)…

Post your best tips in the comments and I’ll pick my favorite from all the comments as the winner and send the poster $100, can’t say fairer than that can I…