Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Hmm, going by this blog my "status" as a "professional" blogger may be under threat, as I've only made 7 posts here in the whole of 2009!

but to be fair that kinda sums up the year for me, as I didn't really get an awful lot of work done until the last few months of the year, when I finally managed to get my head straight and find the right frame of mind to move on after my divorce, mostly thanks to a couple of good friends, who know who they are, thanks guys!

so what's that got to do with getting out of my comfort zone?

easy, one of the things that I did do more of this year was go to internet marketing events, and as always, it proved to be a good thing. I've met many great new friends, people who I am already working together with on different projects.

as an example of that I've already got a great interview done with Jit Uppal (who I met at Lee McIntrye's workshop) as the giveaway in preparation for my next new product -

but the even bigger "opportunity" also came from the same weekend workshop in Manchester, when "some guy" ambushed me with a question/proposal whilst I was still a little tired and hungover, just after Jit's presentation on AdSwaps as it happens.

the "guy" in question was Daniel Wagner, who, along with his business partner James Watson, runs a site called, as well as a Platinum mastermind group.

because I was feeling a bit worse for the wear from the previous nights beers and an earlier start than I'm used to, it took a minute or two for me to realise that Dan had not only asked if I would do a presentation on AdSwaps for his group, but that I'd actually agreed!

as I'm not one to back down once I've made a commitment, I suddenly got that weird buzz of mixed excitement and fear that comes from doing something that is outside your comfort zone.

whilst I do know the topic (AdSwaps) inside and out, I'd never done a live presentation to a room full of people before, so whilst I knew it would be a great opportunity, it also "gave me the willies" as they say! 🙂

anyway, to keep to the point, I took the risk of getting out of my comfort zone and ended up really enjoying it! In fact it went so well I've even agreed to do it again for an even bigger group (2-300 people) in March in Colorado at Marc Horne and Hollis Carter's weekend workshop.

Looking back it easily counts as my personal "high point" for 2009, as I faced the "fear" of stepping outside my comfort zone, enjoyed it, and may well be adding a new "string" to my marketing "bow"!

so the next time you're presented with the chance to step outside your comfort zone, don't be too quick to dismiss it...

oh, and the presentation was recorded, so I'll be offering the full 70+ mins as a product soon, but in the meantime you can see the "Q&A" session I did at the end of the presentation on YouTube here: -

and as a last word, I'd like to thank Daniel & James for giving me the opportunity. 🙂

18 comments on “Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. Congrats Matt - its great to step up a rung. And I have to agree - Pushing your own boundaries is one if lifes greatest pleasures. Maybe it's a bit perverse but I've started to really enjoy the things that I expect will make me feel uncomfortable. They never do and the outcome is usually far better than I could imagine.

  2. Hey matt!
    happy new year my friend, it sounds like your lining up for more speaking events, which I think is really cool, My 1st one I spoke to over 500 people and felt terrified at first, but as it went on and I relaxed and started talking about my passion, I had a great time and felt pumped up!
    I want to encourage you to continue, I like to keep up with you and feel you have a lot to give.
    So Keep Speaking Up My friend!

    P.S. keep up with those bandwidths 🙂

  3. Hi Matt,

    I don't know how but I got an email from you, must have signed up somewhere! you got my attention 3 points
    1. I noticed you have just gone through a divorce- I'm going through one now!
    2. You were in sales - same here
    3. About getting out of your comfort zone. I can't agree enough, if you aren't getting out of your comfort zone by definition you are not growing and your business is not growing. Those who do what makes them feel uncomfortable make the most money! Great post, are you going to be at the London list building event on 29th? Im there ,


    1. Hi Theo,
      thanks for your comments, and sounds like we have a bit in common. 🙂
      hoping to make it down to London for Mark's List Building Masterclass, just not sure which days yet...

  4. Hi Matt,
    How are you doing mate? I've known you a while but that's the first time I've seen a video with you presenting 🙂
    Excellent Q&A - particularly liked the "They don't get a day off. I don't get a day off, why should they" comment 😎
    Also listened to the audio interview with Jit Uppal. I recommend everyone listens to that it's well worth their time. There's some great quality content in there that will really help people build their IM business. Drop everything you are doing and sign up to listen to that audio.
    Dean James

  5. Hi Matt,

    New to blogging but not new to Internet Marketing if you count our eBay Store. Like the looks of your blog and would like to ask you how added your Author section with Image. I'll subscribe by RSS . I will post a guest blog on my blog with proper links and author bio. Could you post how we link one way -two links between bloggers or should I say BabyBoomers as is my case.
    I could ask my 16yr old grand daughter or her 11 yr old brother

    Doug Green

  6. HI Matt
    I met you recently at Daniel Wagner's event where you gave a great talk on IMAdSwaps. many posts will you do this year?

    Getting "out of your comfort zone"..........I have done loads of this over the last 18 months and although it's really scary at times, I have to say it has really paid off and I love it! I plan to do lots more things that will definately get me out of my comfort zone as this is what is getting me to my goal - a passive income life 🙂

    OK Matt - hope you have a good year this year and maybe will bump into you at another event somewhere.

    Bye for now

    1. LOL!
      on the basis that I've only just gotten around to approving your comment from way back in April, and so far have only made one post, I guess it's not going to be many...
      was good to meet you Eileen.

  7. Hi Matt,

    Great post and this is something that I'm always teaching my people about. If something feels uncomfortable then get excited because you're on the brink of a potential breakthrough. Push past the discomfort and benefit from the growth.



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