Free Facebook Fanpage iFrame App

I’ve just finished a new video to show how quick and easy it is to add a “fangate” (aka squeeze page) to your facebook fanpage using a free iframe app, and the app just happens to be free… 🙂

Facebook Fanpages are all the rage, and with good reason they’re a great way to find, connect with, and build a relationship with potential new clients, as well as to stay in touch with existing clients.

To make the best use of your fanpage you need to have what’s now being called a “fangate”, which is basically the fanpage equivalent of an email squeeze page.

The idea is that people who are not “fans” get to see one set of content, usually an image that asks them to hit the “like” button in return for some valuable gift or freebie.

Then once they’ve hit the “like” button, the new content with the details on how to get their free gift is revealed.

This means you end up getting far more peopel to actually “like” your fanpage, instead of just checking out your wall, leaving and never remembering to come back…

AND because all their friends will potentially see that they “Like” your fanpage, they may also come and take a look as well, giving it that essential “viral” element.

So if you’re going to have a facebook fanpage, which you REALLY should, then using a “fangate” fanpage squeeze with an iframe app is going to get you LOADS & LOADS more fans!

Watch the video above and learn how to do it all for free yourself…

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