Easy Facebook Profile Link

I was recently asked by a fellow marketer, who shall rename nameless to save his embarrassment :roll:, where he could find his facebook profile link, so that he could create a simplified link, like mine: –


so here’s a quickie on how to find the link, and although Andrew  :wink: didn’t need this bit, I’ll also show what html code to use to create the link.

when you log in there should be a link with your name on the right at the top of the page, the link will look something like –


then just remove the “&ref=name” bit from the end so it’s like this – 


you can then use this url in a standard html page for the redirect, here’s the html code to use, just replace the url with your own profile url: –

url redirect html

url redirect html

then save the file as index.html and upload it to a NEW folder called “facebook” and you will end up with a link that looks like this and is easier for people to remember: –


hope this helps! 🙂