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Free Facebook Fanpage iFrame App

Free Facebook Fanpage iFrame App

I’ve just finished a new video to show how quick and easy it is to add a “fangate” (aka squeeze page) to your facebook fanpage using a free iframe app, and the app just happens to be free… :-)

Facebook Fanpages are all the rage, and with good reason they’re a great way to find, connect with, and build a relationship with potential new clients, as well as to stay in touch with existing clients.

To make the best use of your fanpage you need to have what’s now being called a “fangate”, which is basically the fanpage equivalent of an email squeeze page.

The idea is that people who are not “fans” get to see one set of content, usually an image that asks them to hit the “like” button in return for some valuable gift or freebie.

Then once they’ve hit the “like” button, the new content with the details on how to get their free gift is revealed.

Easy Facebook Profile Link

I was recently asked by a fellow marketer, who shall rename nameless to save his embarrassment :roll:, where he could find his facebook profile link, so that he could create a simplified link, like mine: –

so here’s a quickie on how to find the link, and although Andrew  :wink: didn’t need this bit, I’ll also show what html code to use to create the link.

when you log in there should be a link with your name on the right at the top of the page, the link will look something like –

then just remove the “&ref=name” bit from the end so it’s like this –

you can then use this url in a standard html page for the redirect, here’s the html code to use, just replace the url with your own profile url: –

url redirect html

url redirect html

then save the file as index.html and upload it to a NEW folder called “facebook” and you will end up with a link that looks like this and is easier for people to remember: –

Get More Twitter Followers

It seems I must be doing something right with Twitter, even though I don’t twitter everyday, and sometimes even miss a week or two, my twitter followers count continues to climb…

It seems the automated plugin that I have added to my main blogs (like this one) does help to even bring in some traffic to the blogs as well, so it appears that I’m not just twittering away to myself, phew!


I’ve recently added a twitter “Follow Me on Twitter” graphical button to my blogs to see if they help to pick up even more new “followers” and it does seem to be helping.

Here’s three of the best sites I’ve found with free Twitter “follow me” buttons you can use: –

Free Twitter Buttons

Free Twitter Graphics

Free Twitter Follow Me Buttons

I’ve also added the chicklet to display the number of followers I currently have, which seems to add a nice touch of social proof, encouraging people to go ahead an follow me.

DoshDosh Thinks Twitter Is….

Discussion of twitter seems to be all the rage at the moment, so I thought I’d chip in, again.

I posted something a while back about “getting” twitter, and I have to say that whilst I am finding it worthwhile for myself, I can still understand why some people think it’s just another time sucking social black hole.

I now spend more time than I would prefer each day keeping an eye on my twitter feed, I use, so it “beeps” me when there is something new, which does help.

Neil Shearing posted an “anti twitter” post recdently on his blog: –

and the ironic thing is that most of the replies he got to the post came from someone posting the link to his post on twitter… :)

Now Neil does fire of some fairly strong points about why and how twitter can be a waste of time, but if you read his post, and the replies you’ll notice that he actually mentions one of the reasons I enjoy twitter: –

Web 2.0 Blackholes

Is it just me, or do most of these web 2.0 social sites simply turn in to ways of making sure we get less done each day..?

Like time sucking black holes..

I’ve had to cut back severly on my time spent on facebook simply because I was loosing hours on there, just just playing with the different “apps”, but also cleaning up my “Fun Wall” that people keep insisting on posting crap to, as well as dealing with endless application “requests” or invites.

The new feature to “delete all” invitations in one go is probably the most useful new feature they’ve added there..

On the other hand I’m starting to like Twitter, it takes up so little time and is real simple, just make a quick short post as to what you’re up to or what you’ve found that you wan to share.

You can check out my Twittering here:

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