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JV Partnerships are one of the most powerful tactics for getting traffic and building your list in internet marketing, but where do you start..?

If you're just beginning and don't have a list or product then that's really where you need to start.

JV's are usually based on a relationship that you've built up with the prospective JV partner, but you still need to be able to offer something of value, good JV partnerships are never "one sided", and you want to make them as good an offer for your new partner as possible, as it should be seen as the start of a long term relationship/friendship, not just a "one off" thing...

Just writing an email saying "promote my product and you'll make a bunch of money" is simply not going to work, unless you have something new and exceptional, which is rare, and it's more likely to stop that potential JV partner from ever wanting to work with you.

So Step 1 of your plan should be to start building a subscriber list/newsletter.

the simplest way to do so is to grab a PLR product, re-brand it, and preferably add some extra value to it with your own perspective and ideas on the topic it covers.

then you can start using it as a free offer on a "Squeeze page" to get people to sign up to your newsletter.

I recommend using AWeber for managing your list, you can get a free trial here

There's also some free videos on using AWeber and ading optins forms to your blogs here:

Free Internet Marketing Tutorial Videos

but how do you get traffic to that offer page to start building your list?

Well, the quickest way is to use PPC (Pay Per Click), but that can be expensive depending on your market.

I recommend trying out some less well known PPC sites (e.g. 7search) if you're on a smaller budget.

The cheaper, but slower, way is to use good old fashioned article marketing, just don't forget to do some keyword reseach to make sure you're targetting terms that will get you some traffic and are targetted enough for it to convert in to optins.

The advantage with article marketing is that you do the work once and the traffic will keep on coming for months and years to come, so all you need to do is keep writing and submitting more articles to increase the number of optins you're getting each day.

Step 2 - AdSwaps

Once you have have 250+ subscribers on your list you can use a free forum like Internet Marketing Ad Swaps to start doing AdSwaps with other list owners, which can easily double the number of optins you get each month.

Step 3 - Giveaways

Giveaway events are a great way to get even more optins for your list, but most will only allow you to join as a "contributor" once you have a list of a certain size.

Alex Perez-Prat runs a very useful group on FaceBook where you can find out about upcoming giveaway events: -

You can get more suggestions on how to get your own products for giveaway events here:

List Building With Giveaways and AdSwaps

In the month of May this year I added over 1,500 new subscribers to just one of my lists from just doing Giveaways and AdSwaps, so I know this works...

All this extra list building and taking part in giveaways will also raise your profile with other marketers, so you should start to find it easier to build those all important relationships for future joint ventures, especially as your new list will allow you to promote other peoples products and become a JV partner for them.

It's a lot easier to approach someone to become your JV partner if you've already promoted their product!!

Step 4 - Permanant JV agreements

Your long term aim should be to set up permanent JV agrements with other succesful marketers.

This could be as simple as trading spots in your autoresponder follow up sequence with another marketer, or it could be something a little more sophisticated, like setting up a "partnership" site with some fellow marketers that you get on with and compliment your own areas of expertise, so that as a group you can offer even more to potential subscribers and customers...

To see an eample of this in action take a look at the newly launched

This is a great example of four succesful internet marketers with diffeent areas of expertise working together on an ongoing basis, to the benefit of all four, Kevin Riley, Daniel McGonagle, Fabian Tan, and some guy with a silly goatee...

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  1. Hi Matt

    In my opinion JV's are one of THE most important things to be doing online. I thought your advice was really useful and helpful - good job 😎

    I was trying to find a way to contact you - but I couldn't find a link. Nothing important, but just wanted to say 'hi' really 🙂


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